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Illinois HB 1774 - HB 1744 bars Illinois companies from enrolling in any Employment Eligibility Verification System until accuracy and timeliness issues are resolved.Illinois also enacted HB 1743, which creates privacy and antidiscrimination protections for workers if employers participating in E-Verify don’t follow the program’s procedures.The penalty for businesses not complying with the E-Verify mandate is a suspension of its business license.Arizona HB 2779 (Arizona Fair and Legal Employment Act) - Passed in 2007, HB 2779 prohibits employers from knowingly hiring undocumented workers and requires all employers to use E-Verify, effective January 1, 2008. The law prohibits state municipalities from passing mandatoy E-Verify ordinances.The phase-in period begins in October 2012 and runs through July 2013.Seasonal workers are not required to be verified through E-Verify. South Carolina HB 4400 - Passed in 2008, HB 4400 requires the mandatory use of E-Verify for all employers by July 1, 2010.Mississippi SB 2988 - Passed in 2008, SB 2988 requires public and private employers to participate in E-Verify with full participation by July 2011.

HB 56 requires all businesses, public and private, to begin using E-Verify by April 2012.It was followed up in 2008 with HB 2745, which prohibits government contracts to any businesses not using E-Verify, effective May 1, 2008. Colorado HB 1343 - Passed in 2006, HB 1343 prohibits state agencies from entering into contract agreements with contractors who knowingly employ illegal aliens and requires prospective contractors use E-Verify to ensure legal work status of all employees.In 2008, SB 193 was passed requiring contractors with state contracts to use E-Verify. Georgia SB 529 - Passed in 2006, SB 529 requires public employers, contractors and subcontractors with 500 or more employees to participate in E-Verify for all new employees, effective July 1, 2007.The bill also require private employers to use E-Verify in order to qualify for certain tax credits on their state income taxes.Louisiana HB 342/HB 646 - Passed in 2011, HB 342 requires all state and local contractors to use E-Verify.

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