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It elicits a specific kind of chuckle when somebody gives their Myers-Briggs classification (which lumps you into one of sixteen groups), then goes on to tell me he or she isn't like anyone else. Do we really think this is a good way to express ourselves?Well I kinda agree, but do we have to call it either completely valid or absolutely useless? Yes, the four letters fail to indicate the strength of a preference, which is obviously important if the trait follows a normal distribution.If you read Jung he's almost wholly against the idea.His theories and observations came from his lifetime experience of working as a psychologist and treating people.For instance, I have a strong Intuitive preference.

In relationships, it can be difficult (not impossible! If you're an N, you know when you're dealing with another N - you'll have almost this unspoken acknowledgement that you're on the same page.

We can get along, but it's hard for us to really be on the same wavelength.

MB did not create this incompatibility - it just decently describes it. I already knew I responded to profiles that are written from a more Intuitive viewpoint - now I just know why.

He wrote patterns that he noticed (I'll come back to some of them) and saw them and wanted them primarily used as a way to better understand people, not quickly categorize them.

I'm also not a huge fan of the MBTI and it's continuum's.

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Myers-Briggs a relic of an earlier time in psychology, but holds some truth in it, especially for the Extroversion-Introversion scale.

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  1. We often forget the many AD/HD symptoms that aren't usually described in clinical journals and books, but which I've observed in countless women. Consider the list of symptoms below that are not often described in the ADHD literature but which I hear described over and over again from the ADHD women I talk to.