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A fresh scent, not feminine at all, but yet a scent i think is very suitable for all women. Beneath a tone of bergamot and lemon, The dry dawn smells exactly, I mean exactly like female skin. It's a familiar staple and great for everyday wear in the warmer half of the year. The cedar, bluebell and bamboo are definitely there, but a little more subdued.

The moment I realized what was wrong with me, the perfume started to glow! after buying 3 almost expensive perfumes this month :-) First of all, I like stronger perfumes. Therefore I was interested in Intense version, but never considered to buy it. Sadly, even if I use body lotion and make 5-6 sprays, it lasts up to one hour and fades without letting anybody know I have perfume on. Someone asked me why I never used Light Blue (knowing my love for fresh scents); the answer is simply because on me it's not that awesome fragrance of green apple and fresh bamboo i perceive on others. In summary, this is a fresh, simple and summery fragrance.

I used this parfume many years ago when i was very young but never really enjoyed not bad but it was just fresh ,too sharp citrusy scent, for me it was boring, maybe i should give it a try again. This perfume was my first real perfume in early 20's. It's very sporty, light scent, perfect after shower in the morning. Back in the day guys loved it, maybe because of unisex appeal.Online shops offers: Fragrance 6 items for 29.89 - 78.64 4 items for 32.00 - 84.95 GBPFragrance EUR 10 items for 33.91 - 93.27 EURFragrance 10 items for 39.59 - 108.89 USDStrawberry EUR 6 items for 52.00 - 127.00 EURView products... Someone wearing a plain white t-shirt and some jeans, loose messy hair and the clean and fresh scent of Dolce Gabbana light blue. but you have to love lemons because it’s almost the only note I can smell I tested this perfume times and times during these past years. I have tested it on my skin, when I try to smell it, it's nothing there except bergamot for half an hour, then absoloutly nothing!!! But I kept the paper to ask others if they smell anything. At the same time it has the great advantage of staying rather close to the skin, which makes it nice and discrete in hot weather.Dolce & Gabbana Light blue is a casual and breezy, sparkling fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer. I thought it would be a perfect Summer scent so I blind bought it a couple of years ago... I never figured what makes it one of the best sellers. I always wondered the other reviews, what is so sexy about nothing on your skin? I don't know if this was unique or innovative when it came out.I prefer Eclat though, it is brighter, and doesn’t have the musk that I don’t seem to like.And Eclat is a lot cheaper in price but not in quality. It kind of reminds me of dalandan which is a south-east asian native citrus fruit that is more common i the Philippines I guess.

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