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The median nerve damage in my hands was so severe that it would keep me awake at night.

It was searing pain combined with burning numbness that would flair up at work and at home.

Eventually, when I did need surgery on that knee, Dr.

Eberhart believed that a right half-knee replacement could be as effective as a full knee.

He did not rush to pick up the knife, but instead explored other options after asking about my activities and quality of life issues.

I appreciated this, and the fact that he is so engaging, communicative and such a good listener.

The result was very precise surgery with a fast recovery time and no long scar that had to heal. Eberhart’s since I moved here from Augusta in 2007.I had degenerative knee issues dating back to my high school football days, and was considering a knee replacement. Eberhart won me over right away with his conservative approach.My knees were so painful that not only was sleeping a problem, but my ability to do my job was being impacted. He’s always asking me questions, and never seems in a hurry.I work in retail and I’m on my feet all day, so this was getting to be an issue I had to deal with. The pain factor is totally gone, and it’s like having my original knees back again. Some doctors just breeze through appointments, but Dr.

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