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I was that child, and later adult, who was always hugging someone. If you are dating, engaged to, or married to a Physical Touch person, it can be difficult to express love in his or her preferred language if physical touch does not come easily to you. Doesn’t a hug from someone you deeply love make you feel better at the end of a rough day?

In some homes, physical touch did not happen very much, so it can be awkward and unnatural. Consider the following quote from Wed MD: “‘The gentle pressure of a hug can stimulate nerve endings under the skin that send calming messages to the brain and slow the release of cortisol,” explains Tiffany Field, Ph.

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For years, I thought physical touch was my primary love language.

~ frown~ When Dad was watching TV, I’d crawl up on the bed behind him so I could snuggle up to him. Recently, I have discovered that I can lie beside him and watch an entire movie without touching him – as long as he is there with me. and if I do not take the hint, he nudges me and smiles. If he does not get enough physical touch, he can start feeling irritable and alone. In the midst of difficult circumstances, hugs show that you are there for your loved one, they are a source of deep comfort, and I think they release endorphins into the brain.It may seem overwhelming to some, but physical touchers do not see anything abnormal about it. Just remember almost anytime is a good time for a hug according to a physical toucher!Discuss with him or her those times when hugs are not appreciated (e.g., when angry/during a fight, when working feverishly to meet a deadline, etc.). Before marriage, you need to be careful to keep clothes on and save back or neck rubs for public places.Most situations are not too formal for a touch of the hand.Hand-holding often communicates, “I am here with you and for you” to the recipient.

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