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After discussing it with him, I felt that it would be interesting to create a game together with you guys, so I agreed to join in." "I see... "I chatted a lot with Ice and Fire at lunch today, and here's what we came up with for the game's storyline..." Seiji explained what he and Yukari came up with during lunchtime to Hisashi. " Hisashi even added several emoticons with excited expressions. Let's also add suspense and novelty to make the story even fiercer, deeper, and impactful!

He has a terrific attitude and is a joy to work with.Later that night, Seiji told Hisashi Juumonji about how "Romance of Ice and Fire" had agreed to join them and set up a chat group, adding all three of them as members. " "No need to use honorifics; you can just call me Ice and Fire," Yukari typed in the chat group."It's great that Ice and Fire Sensei is willing to join us! "I'm actually real-life friends with Idle Fish and knew that he was the author of , I was astonished and told him about the fact that I'm actually an artist. "Indeed, I was shocked to find out that my friend was the artist Ice and Fire; I never expected someone right beside me could turn out to be a potential collaborator," Seiji typed.Whatever part of your game you need to improve, whether it's daytime dating, surviving a breakup, online dating, your phone and text game, or anything else, we've got you covered. Our dating experts spent more than a decade studying men's successes and failures with women. The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating provides online dating tips...With our best dating advice and relationship books for guys, you can attract and date any woman you want! View full product details » This is a whole NEW Routines Manual with entirely NEW routines, picking up right where Vol. Due to the overwhelming success of The Routines Manual Vol.

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