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What are some of the stories you wanted to include but didn’t have space for in this book? That’s one of those super mythologized spaces in early tech literature — all the the coders and anthropologists and computer scientists all hobnobbing it together in bean bag chairs.

Xerox PARC is really famous for having these bean bag chairs that everyone sat in.

Was it hard to write a book about women in tech that focuses on the past when there’s so much happening in the present?

There were so many points in the process of making the manuscript when some story would come out, like the Google internal memo or some of many stories of harassment, like the entire #Me Too movement happened while I was writing this book.

And every time that happened I would think, “Oh no, I’ve got to make make sure to include that, I’ve got to put #Me Too in the book, I’ve got to put Gamergate in the book.

I’ve got to put all these contemporary things in the book, but ultimately, I wanted the book to be a sacred space where you don’t have any of that shit in it.

I really want to see it reviewed and just the network as a whole and in the culture of tech as a whole.Her writing was a welcome retreat from Evans’s other life as lead singer in an arty rock band with her partner, Jona Bechtolt.The couple made headlines in 2016 when they faked a sex tape leak for a video that never really existed.I thought they were just magical portals to the world. I wrote so much stuff that’s floating online forever, probably.I always defined myself as an internet person and a net native. But I got to a point, I don’t know, maybe three or four years ago, where I started to feel like, as a person and more importantly as a woman, I didn’t really know what my place was anymore.

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