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I've just found Meghan Markle's birth time on Astrodatabank, and it's rated AA, from the birth certificate: 4 August, 1981, a.m., Canoga Park, California.

I can't post charts myself, but here's the link to her Astrodatabank profile, where you can see her chart: I'll be back to this thread after studying her chart. I got busy earlier today with some non-astrological stuff and wasn't able to work on the chart as I'd planned.

She believes strongly in giving back, that fame necessitates social responsibility.

Samantha says that she raised Meghan for twelve years, which you would take to mean that Meghan lived primarily with her father after the divorce.

Samantha hates Meghan, according to her own mother, Roslyn, who says Samantha has been down on Meghan since the latter was about fifteen.

I'll come to her chart in a bit, but first some background.

She was the child of a Caucasian father (Dutch and Irish parentage), Thomas Markle Sr., and an African-American mother, Doria Ragland.

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