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This response is a new addition to the repertoire of innate defensive behaviors in the mouse that allows the detection and avoidance of aerial predators.Alex Azar, our Health and Human Services Secretary, was readmitted to the hospital two days after being discharged with diverticulitis.Discharging a patient from a hospital involves handing off responsibility from the hospital team to the primary physicians in the community.Because our electronic health records are not linked as well as they might, discharge instructions and medication changes often are delayed in being communicated or may never be communicated at all.

Directed experiments identify candidate retinal circuits underlying the behavior and lead the way into detailed study of these neural pathways.For example, the mouse retina, like that of other mammals, contains ∼20 different circuits that compute distinct features of the visual scene [1, 2].By comparison, only a handful of innate visual behaviors are known in this species—the pupil reflex [3], phototaxis [4], the optomotor response [5], and the cliff response [6]—two of which are simple reflexes that require little visual processing.We explored the behavior of mice under a visual display that simulates an approaching object, which causes defensive reactions in some other species [7, 8].We show that mice respond to this stimulus either by initiating escape within a second or by freezing for an extended period.

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It shows that in some way medicine is very democratic and that a VIP faces the risk of readmission just like everyone else.

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