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Right leg: Without toes, complaining from pain, they decided to do below knee.

Hand (be): Xylocaine/Lydocaine, telling them i had an accident with a saw. I am very happy with what i am now, but i wish i had another possible way to get what I want.

If anyone knows of a surgeon who may be willing to do a left below knee amputation for me please email [email protected]

I will travel anywhere and pay Alternatively, if someone could help me do it myself or has some tips please email.

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My hand, i lost it by telling the doctors that i worked with an electronic saw, also that was not the truth, but also lydocaine (xylocaine) was the real thing.

Ask me if you want to knowmore and believe me, it is very easy to become an amputee by choice, also without any pain, but also honestly: NOT without danger; just my opinion.

It is strong and you can close wounds easy with that.Offcourse this people make a lots of money with prosthetic construction, so he agreed with me when i told him that i am better off with an ak/bk...I visited the surgeon he knows, he agreeed immeadiatly and one week after that visit i was legless. It took me over 10 years to get everything, to become the amputee I am now.I just wondering why we need to do this all by ourself; we want it, we know what we want and no one (doctors) are helping us, it is great to be an amputee, but it isn't great to do this horrible things to yourself.It stays dangerous, i lost my live almost a few times when i tried out stupid things in the beginning.

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Finally an amputation without doing it all by myself and seeing the blood and the damage i needed to do before. hi there, no, no anny, in the beginning, the first weeks yes, but right now only phantom feelings, i can feel my limbs but no pain, it is a feeling difficult to explain, my legs are still there but in a deep sleep, it feels warm, almost 'erotic'.

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