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The complex also houses a small supermarket, a sushi bar, and a communal tennis court and swimming pool.But Markle, who likes to spend his days relaxing at his small home, is not normally seen at them.Last week they issued a joint statement telling of their happiness at Meghan's engagement.Occasionally, Markle travels further, spending time in Oregon in October with his oldest brother Michael, 78, who has since moved to Palm Bay, Florida.When Markle does make his forays north of the border, the destination is usually Los Angeles, where he owns an apartment in the city's Los Feliz suburb.

Residents and visitors have access to a park dotted with royal palm trees and a quiet beach club bar.

I just can't.'Thomas Markle, 73, is seen in exclusive Daily Mail TV pictures at his home in Rosarito, Mexico just south of the border with the U. He told Daily Mail TV he could not comment 'out of respect for my family'Directly below his house is a long sandy beach which is almost always deserted.

He has no steps down but can drive the quarter mile to the shore instead.

She has previously called herself a 'daddy's girl' and spoken warmly about him - although on Monday the maid of honor at her first wedding told The Sun that their relationship may have had more ups and downs than had been appreciated.

Aged 18, Meghan was seen on video saying we 'aren't on the best of terms.'The video was taken driving around Los Angeles and shows Markle saying L ; We're about four minutes from my dad's house.

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