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ASPx Grid View Editor Event Args e) // protected void ASPx Grid View1_Cell Editor Initialize(object sender, ASPx Grid View Editor Event Args e) protected void Fill City Combo(ASPx Combo Box cmb, Int16 Broker Id) private void cmb Branch_On Callback(object source, Callback Event Args Base e) protected void Linq Server Mode Data Source2_Selecting(object sender, Dev Express. Linq Server Mode Data Source Select Event Args e) Run the code show me the error message Specified method is not supported. I want to show Product table information in Aspx Gridview. I want to show Categories table in formation on that column, I want to show Category Name from categories table. However, after updating it still throws an error saying "System. ct sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) OR 2: By default the command fired when you click built-in Update button in GV is "Update".Not Supported Exception: Updating is not supported by Object Data Source 'ods Academic' unless the Update Method is specified". How can I use an Object Data Source as a Data Source but programmtically control the update? Change the Command Name of this button to "My Update". It is necessary to submit changes that have been made during editing manually to a datasource and cancel an edit mode. Data Bind method: Please refer to the following reports where we discussed this issue in greater detail: Dev Express Search - Specified method is not supported Thanks, Mike -------------------- Check if Search Engine is able to answer questions faster than I do! By design, the "Specified Method is Not Supported" error message is shown when ASPx Grid View tries to execute the Update (Insert, Delete) command of its underlying datasource, but this command is not specified.Take a moment to look at the Specified method is not supported on deleting gridview row thread, where we have discussed a similar question.

Click on command field of gridview i want to get Category ID on basis of Category Name. q=Specified method is not supported.&p=T4|P5|0&d=447 I use North Wind database.

Then handle GV Row Command Event like: protected void Grid View1_Row Command(objec Hi, Why would you not specify an update method? The row updating event gives you the opportunity to modify the parameters ahead of the update.

All the fields in that are not visible in the gridview should have been saved in the datakeynames, so they will automatically be included in the update.

Post ID=270 What you can do is handle the Grid View's Row Updating event, manually update the XML data in the Xml Data Source by calling Get Xml Document(), call the Save() method, I did exactly that and finally cancel the Row Updating event (so that the Grid View doesn't try to make the data source do an automatiac update).

protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Linq Server Mode Data Source1_Selecting(object sender, Dev Express.

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I notice that the error happen even if there is noting in the event handler. Thanks, Eilon If you use an Xml Data Source control and added an Update command button to update the Row, you will get the Not Supported exception because the Grid View will call the Update method of the Xml Data Source's Xml Data Source View. Do I maybe need to also handle the Row Updating event as well? "cancel the Row Update by setting the event argument's Cancel property to true". Protected Sub gv1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

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