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Minutes later, she pulled her fingers out of her body and went to shower. Frigging her pussy every night, she slept more soundly than ever. It ran out of her hole and down between the crack of her ass, pooling on the sheets and leaving a wet place.

By Friday, her ex husband called to see if Jamie wanted to go fishing with him over the weekend. Kate wrapped her legs around his waist and held on. Danny exploded, as wave after wave radiated through him. How was she going to tell her son that his mother was fucking his best friend, with no intention of stopping?

Since the divorce, Kate had been working harder than ever, and the results were readily apparent. Jamie walked inside, leaving Danny alone with his lustful thoughts about Kate. He needed anywhere to look at, but what was in front of him.

Although standing only 5'2”, she had the longest legs and a firm, bubble butt. It wasn't hard to come out with wank material, when she was bending over in those shorts. Danny had always wondered what color her nipples were, now he knew.

As Danny played his game, Kate ground her clit against her thumb, as she finger fucked her pussy hard. He pulled out of her warm body and rolled to her side.

Seeing brilliant colors explode before her eyes, she leaned her head against the window pane, as she came. She felt a warm river of cum drain out of her well sated pussy.

About to pick out an outfit to go to a club, she heard the door bell. Smiling, she cocked her head to the side, as she asked him what he needed. When told that Jamie would be gone all weekend, he turned to leave. Looking uncertain, he hesitated, but then entered the foray. Telling her about how his Dad was riding his ass about doing something with his life, how his Mom wanted nothing to do with him since he was living with his Dad, and how tired he was of the constant fighting; Danny felt lighter having someone to confide in. Kate brought him a coke and asked if he wanted to watch a movie with her. Danny circled her clit with his tongue, sometimes in a figure 8 and sometimes in various other shapes. He had to hold onto her hips to keep from being bucked off her pussy.

After hours of arguing, he gave in and went on the trip. So soft, so smooth, nothing like his rough hand, she fit him like a glove. Putting her legs over his arms, he trapped her wrists in his hands. Amazed at how quickly she was able to cum again, she let her body shudder and convulse. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.Legs freshly waxed, toe nails polished, and nicely trimmed pubic hair, she felt sexy. Danny was pissed at his Dad, but at the same time, seeing Kate in that robe was making him think those thoughts again. I was gonna go out, only because I was alone tonight. “I told Dad that I was gonna spend the night with Jamie. Agreeing to a coke, he sat on the couch, wondering if this was a good idea. Digging her feet into the mattress, Kate pushed her hips up sharply. Going into her room, she put on her black, lacy thong and matching bra. You look like you need to talk,” she said, concerned. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get her out of his mind. It had always been easy to talk to Jamie's Mom, so within minutes he had spilled his guts to her. He was going to be close to this woman, while she slept. ” she groaned, “Tell me what you see.” “Your pussy..wet and pink,” he said. He felt her fingers clenching his hair and knew that he was doing something right. If at all possible, her beautiful slit darkened to a deep rose shade and copious amounts of juice flooded his hand and face. She often overheard her son's friends comment on his “hot” mom, and it never failed to make her smile. Lately, since Jamie's Dad left, she had been looking better than ever. He jerked off many a night while thinking about her breasts and mouth. Heart shaped, with ruby red lips, he wondered how they would feel rubbing up and down his shaft. Running up to her bedroom, she quickly undressed from waist down.Spending a lot of her nights alone, she fantasized about taking one of those young men and teaching him how to pleasure a woman the right way. These thoughts should not be going through his head. Jamie threw the ball, making the basket, which gave Danny possession of it. Taking this time to sneak a covert glance at Kate, he watched as she strained to wash the windshield. Maybe it was the fact that none of the girls his age would put out, or perhaps it was that she was a young man's wet dream. Purposely bending over, she hoped that her ass was plainly visible. Running her fingers over her plump, lightly furred lips, she parted them.

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Sliding her hand a bit further up his leg, she cracked her eyes open. Managing to get it directly on his fly, he worked his pelvis up and down, using tiny movements. She knew just how to twist her hand, as she stroked him, in order to make the skin move around the head. Her hand stroking up his shaft, as her mouth descended down it.

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