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In his second-highest-grossing film to date, National Treasure, he plays an eccentric historian who goes on a dangerous adventure to find treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers of the United States.In November 2007, Cage was spotted backstage at a Ring of Honor wrestling show in New York City researching for the lead role for The know, Nic was incredibly supportive of Mickey and he is old friends with Mickey and really wanted to help with this opportunity, so he pulled himself out of the race." In 2008, Cage appeared as Joe, a contract killer who undergoes a change of heart while on a work outing in Bangkok, in the film Bangkok Dangerous.The film is shot by the Pang Brothers and has a distinct South-East Asian flavor.Looking To Give Amazing Blowjob //// Are you in need of a blow job on your way home from work or just in need of a blow job? known professionally as Nicolas Cage, is an American actor, director and producer.

Cage received an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance as an alcoholic Hollywood writer in Leaving Las Vegas (1995) before coming to the attention of wider audiences with mainstream films, such as The Rock (1996), Face/Off (1997), Con Air (1997) and City of Angels (1998).However, Cage dropped out of production shortly afterwards because he felt that he did not have enough time to prepare for the role and director Darren Aronofsky preferred Mickey Rourke for the lead part.Rourke would go on to receive an Academy Award nomination for his performance.Despite these successes, most of his lower-profile films have performed poorly at the box office compared to his mainstream action/adventure roles.The suspense thriller 8mm (1999) is considered a cult film.

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Films such as Ghost Rider (2007) and Knowing (2009) were box office successes.

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