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I don't know how much more I could have fitted in, except by being an invisible mother."Ironically, it is one of her smallest roles – Moneypenny to Pierce Brosnan's Bond – that transformed her from leading actress to sex siren."It didn't finish my career, for which I am eternally grateful, nor did it change my career either," she says."Then the kids got to middle-teens and you didn't have to worry in the same way, and suddenly the nerves came back.I think that as you get older, you become aware of everything that could go wrong." Her current fear is playing Mrs Prentice next month in Joe Orton's farce.

We have elderly parents, we deal with bereavement, we deal with Alzheimer's, we deal with cancer, we deal with children and drugs, we deal with these huge subjects which simply are not touched upon."The whole thing is unlike anything I've ever done in my life: it feels very exciting," she says.Nerves aside, she is "astonished" that three decades have passed since she started acting."I can invite you back in if you go out, turn round three times, spit, swear and knock," she adds.And she won't mention the roles she would love to have a crack at, for fear of jinxing her chances.

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Her first role was in On Yer Bike at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, in 1982. "I managed to slip two children out in the middle of my career and have been lucky with all the work.

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