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Try to respond to these objections as if you are trying to agree with them, but that their objection doesn't seem to take into account (some point that you don't think their objection stands up to), therefore the issue is still bothering you.Hopefully this will have been enough for your partner to decide to go vegan, but don't be too put off if they don't agree to go all the way immediately.When starting a new relationship let your partner know that you are vegan as soon as you are comfortable doing so.Letting them know earlier on will make it easier for your partner to appreciate that it is an important issue for you, while putting it off puts you at risk of putting them off when you begin to stress the issue more later on.As always, try to ask questions that will guide their thinking in the right direction rather than simply giving them answers.“What did you think about their commentary about speciesism at the beginning?

” They will almost inevitably say something along the lines of Hitler, Stalin, or perhaps Pol-Pot because it is very difficult to brainstorm through every notable person in history in a number of seconds, but asking this question gives you the opportunity to share your own answer with them.

Over this period try to share your food with your partner as much as possible too.

Do try to get an idea of what they will like beforehand, but be willing to introduce them to new foods too.

But, I saw some stuff yesterday that was pretty interesting.

It concerns shoe0nhead and Armoured Skeptic, two well-known internet personalities.

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You're not a martyr; I'm sure you eat things like this all the time.”Once this has gone on for a few weeks your partner will hopefully have become much more comfortable with the idea of a vegan lifestyle, and now it is time to go in for the kill.

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