With the right tools, the right team combined with your amazing self– the possibilities are endless.

West Virginia office has a great idea for spurring small business: speed dating.

We started running our own events in 2003 when speed dating was a new concept.

With little more than a one-page website and a few flyers we managed to fill and run our events.

The office sponsored an event that provided a forum for small business owners to present their business plans to bank lending officers and economic development officials.

Each entrepreneur had five minutes to request funding, before they had to move to another of the 25 lenders and repeat the pitch.

With our system, you can set up your speed dating business for a fraction of the cost.It was unsustainable to carry on this way but we knew the answer was to create a bespoke web based system to run the business.Over the past 13 years we’ve built what we believe to be one of the best speed dating management systems in the world.Small businesses have been suffering due to a lack of funding.Banks have been leery of lending, but businesses cannot expand or be created without an influx of cash.

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