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There’s even a set of revolving daily challenges, which can also be replaced with new ones once a day, but even a sense of replay value can’t save this sorry excuse for a pool game.Pool might not be the classiest of sports, but that doesn’t mean it deserves a half-baked attempt at simulation to further its virtual cause.

So how about the modes; is there a saving grace to be found there, amid the mediocrity?There’s no option for online play, so multiplayer is bound to a single Switch, turn-taking setup. Everything else is solo-based against the game’s AI, which ranges from moderately talented to god-like pool savant.Even if you manage to master its clunky controls, not even the world’s best pool players could pull off that many near-impossible shots in a row.Each one says it offers improved stats but the controls are so drab you’d never really know you were playing with an Epic-rated Battle Axe. There’s also a Speed mode for clearing the table of all balls in the fastest possible time.It’s a neat little extra touch but with no monetary reward to go with it, there’s very little attraction bar the personal kudos of scoring a faster time.

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