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Even those suffering from aging bodies and fading minds can learn to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of old age.

Though society often makes it difficult to face our fears of aging and death, seniors can enjoy their retirement years by embracing the freedom and renewed perspective that old age offers them.

Though balancing love and passion can be a challenge, it is hardly impossible.

By giving each other enough space to foster longing and desire, couples can restore sexual desire to their relationships.

These particular discussions on loving and aging are truly eye-opening and may challenge the way you think about these topics today.

Ultimately, Webb's compulsive analysis of the online dating world paid off.

The Power of Vulnerability - Brené Brown Brené Brown has spent her life studying the emotions of thousands of individuals around the world.

She is a self-professed "researcher-storyteller," uncovering the patterns in human behavior that lead to contentedness and personal success.

Rather than interfering with our metabolic processes or fighting the pathological effects of aging, de Grey proposes that we can much more easily combat the damage happening in our bodies as it occurs.

As science has already discovered most, if not all of the types of damage that occur within the body, we can, with sufficient research and effort, correct problems such as cell loss, mutations, and cancerous cells throughout the course of our lives.

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