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But what makes a tennis betting system, a tennis prediction software or service good? Obviously, the most important thing we look for in a betting system is that the system, or in this case, the tennis prediction system is profitable.

Other than that there are other factors too: certainty, coverage, notifications, credibility, security, etc. Profit can be achieved with good selection of matches and great tips.

There are hundreds of players you can bet on and, especially for the lesser known player everyone needs a some help.

Ideally, a tennis prediction system that works well (we'll get back to what well means soon), would be the best.

Tennis is made for betting: only two players compete and you need to win all matches otherwise you’re out (and a lot more than that). Our aim is to provide a tennis prediction service that helps thousands of people in predicting ATP, WTA and all other possible professional tennis matches.

With less variables it is much easier to predict tennis matches successfully. Besides the love for the sport, tennis is really an ideal sport for betting. Team sports like football soccer, basketball have teams involved: the lineups have a major factor on the outcome of the matches, so even if a very good team plays, if the best players are left on the bench, there is a chance that the soccer prediction goes wrong.

I'm sure anyone who ever tried to bet on tennis or trade on tennis matches thought about having a tennis predictions service and how it would help in tennis betting.

In short, it shows how the current model would have performed over the past period.You can fine-tune the frequency of prediction notifications from instant notifications to once a day.Also, you can set the parameters for minimum and maximum odds and probabilities you want to receive.No matter how good the tennis betting tips are, if they don't get to you, they don't help much.We implemented both an email based prediction notification system for the website users and i OS/Android notifications for the app users.

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