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We settled into conversation that felt natural and flirtatious, and ended the night with hugs and promises to make plans in the future. A solo date with the husband led to hurt feelings for the wife, despite our agreement that I'd hang out with both of them separately.

It’s always tricky to navigate other people’s emotions, and even sometimes our own.

“But I’m also a sexual person.”She was familiar with the term “unicorn,” thanks to her involvement in the swinging community with her previous partner, but now was her chance to be that person for another couple.“In the past, I was always looking for a boyfriend or a husband, and my heart was always involved.

I wanted to know what it was like to have sex without those strings — and it was a very freeing experience.”Sarah was looking for commitment-free sex with the possibility of friendship.

Having the option of dating both men and women (and occasionally couples!

) has opened up a whole new dating universe for me and I am thrilled to explore it.

The fact that we were a triple had nothing to do with it.

In the future, I hope to find a partner (or partners) who will remain with me for life.

Simple adjustments to my online dating profiles opened the gate for messages from couples—and a rush of options.

For the unicorn, there are two people to impress, two people to be impressed by, and three sets of wants, needs, and desires that you have to contend with if you’re going to have an enjoyable, comfortable time.

The couple I met for drinks was also new to three-person dating.

Even in conversation, it felt good to be someone who could fulfill not just one person’s fantasy, but two at once.

But I quickly discovered that, like any type of dating, this arrangement can sometimes be complicated and confusing.

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