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I don’t see it." It's horrible to say, but Annie’s nervous breakdown sounds .

Here's hoping at some point we're given a flashback of that tour de force.

Senioritis is clearly on Annie’s mind, too, as she declares that she would be skipping classes and pulling pranks to commemorate her senior year.

At first glance, this may seem very uncharacteristic of her.

“Ok, we need to hatch a scheme.” That was the defining line of last night’s episode of Community, which as usual does a great job illustrating both how the show embraces sit-com tropes while nonetheless belittling these formulas as absurd.

How often in your life have you ever hatched a scheme?

He really adds the show’s special dash of insanity to the mix.At the beginning, the Committee and the campus are all feeling pretty good and content, and there’s not really a whole lot going on, which is starting to get to Abed, because it’s the most boring thing to happen since Britta dated Troy.OK, sure, the Britta dating Troy line actually comes from Jeff. He insists there’s got to be a story, because Greendale is a crazy place where crazy things happen. There’s an insurance appraiser coming to evaluate the school, and the Dean’s worried." "If she doesn’t mind enforcing a stereotype, I bet Shirley would love talking smack about bad movies." "I’m younger than the three of you put together." “Gateway douchebag” is a phrase that's opaque yet contradictorily completely obvious in meaning."Kickpuncher, starring Don 'The Demon' Donaldson as a cyborg cop whose punches have the power of kicks." "I know chemistry is sexy, but Annie …

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