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But even within the North American high school level, there seems to be significant differences between how Model UN is done on the West Coast compared to the East Coast.

With that said, here are the five key differences between West Coast Model UN contrasted to how it is done on the East Coast and the effect each of these aspects have on the activity. Model UN can be taken as a class on the West Coast, and this leads to an emphasis on research and preparation.In contrast, East Coast programs are usually clubs.The amount of time that a club spends on research and preparation varies significantly, as does the amount of time that a teacher can spend with the students.Model UN can be taken as a class in the big seven programs.It varies at each school; some schools have it where all freshmen who want to take honors world history & geography are automatically enrolled into Model UN and students go through a four-year curriculum where Model UN is integrated into their social studies classes, while other schools have it as an international relations elective or independent study period.

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