Updating data using ssis

We can do all of this with a single Conditional Split object.Grab one and drag it from the toolbox and connect the Merge Join’s green output to it.We know that any row where the Share Point ID besides the SQL ID is NULL is a record that no longer exists in SQL and should therefore be deleted from Share Point.

The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.

I won’t be going into a lot of detail about some of the Integration Services Package configuration and will skip some of those details assuming you either have the experience, problem solving ability, or at least know how to get to Google.

However, I will explain each component and why I added it though.

Assuming you have Business Intelligence Studio installed, it’s a simple matter of right-clicking on the toolbox and selecting Choose Items. I’m certainly no expert, but I have gotten them to work and it’s solved my problem.

In the SSIS Data Flow Components tab scroll down and add the Share Point Source and Destination components . I ran into some issues that you can hopefully avoid by following my small example.

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My goal was to take a table from SQL and to have that be written to a Share Point list on a daily basis.

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