Updating fontconfig

The Tektronix fonts were moved from /usr/share/fonts/misc to /usr/share/fonts/tektronix What is the content of /usr/share/fonts/misc ?

Can you check if and fonts.scale content fit with the current directory status ?

A few other minor changes are included in this release. Fontconfig 2.2.92 is the second snapshot in the 2.3 release cycle.

The bits are available here The Change Log since 2.2.90 is available here Fontconfig 2.2.90 is the first snapshot in the 2.3 release cycle.

Audio: Further refined fix for Libav crash encoding AAC at very high bitrates.

Subtitles; Removed fontconfig dependency on Mac and Windows; libass now uses Core Text/Direct Write.

Command line interface: Fixed preset subtitle burn defaults override. Windows: Fixed When Done option not updating/resetting correctly.

Fc Config Up To Date had some bugs rendering it useless. Also, picky C compilers whined about a spurious comma in an enum. Free Type 2.1.8 (wisely) prefixes those names with FT_ now. Fontconfig 2.2.93 is the third snapshot in the 2.3 release cycle.

Fontconfig was using MIN/MAX/ABS macros that happened to come from Free Type.

Build system: Updated Min GW-w64 build script for improved compatibility with hardened GCC. Fixed audio passthru masks not updating until preset save.

Hi; Just finished updating my 64-bit Cygwin; at the end I have an exit code of 2 from zp_fontconfig_cache_1Package: z/Perpetual zp_fontconfig_cache_1exit code 2 Ken Wolcott -- Problem reports: info: check error on /var/log/full Regards Marco -- Problem reports: info: Mi Marco; Here is an excerpt from /var/logs/full that might be pertinent: 2016/04/19 running: C:\cygwin64\bin\--norc --noprofile "/etc/postinstall/zp_fontconfig_cache_1.sh" Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/66-google-noto-nastaliq-urdu.conf", line 35: mismatched tag /usr/share/fonts: failed to write cache /usr/share/fonts/misc: failed to write cache 2016/04/19 abnormal exit: exit code=2 Thanks, Ken Wolcott -- Problem reports: info: The 2nd may be a side effect of font-tektronix-misc upgrade.

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