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1-Loading Files 2-Settings and Channel Scan 3-Networking (S. Loader application Webloader Channel Editor Remote Control/units Menu Loader application there are 2 loader, they both do the same job, Better USB-serial result with the 1.1 loader.

S) Secure Updating Network Systems Files for the nfusion's Boot Main There is a main/boot button on loader application, if your loading boot file switch the button to boot, main file make sure button is switched to main (New units should be be being sent out with latest factory file u27 and boot file 1.30, I believe the sd model may haveu33, but u27 will work fine). Loading files These units have a few way's to load files to them.

Choose the “fusion” folder option to the right of the popup.

Look through the Fusion folder you can select what you want but for now select international option.

The File Manager should now look similar to the one above, if it does return to the main menu.

Now on the Main Menu, select “Settings” under the “SYSTEM” menu listing.

You’ll now have a keyboard pop up, type “fusion” again without the quotes then click the “Done” button when finished.

Make sure that your screen looks like the image above and then click the “OK” button to save the new file source.

You’ll now want to click "VIDEOS" then "Add-ons" button.

Next prepare the receiver, plug your receiver into your computer via serial update cable that came with your unit, if your PC does not have a serial port I would suggest buying a serial pci card, and install it in your PC, all receivers have a serial port and if your unit ever mess's up in most case's thats all that will work is serial , so with your serial update cable hooked to PC and nfusion, time to plug nfusion into power outlet (with rear power switch off).

Receiver is ready for file, hit the start nfusion button, you will get a pop-up ,hit OK on pop-up and run over and flick nfusion rear power switch ON, file will start to load, then go good on nfusion display, then go 0000 at this point the file is done loading, power nfusions rear power switch OFF.

Fusion is a server based repository that can be added to your XBMC media player.

When the Fusion Installer has been added it to your XBMC program it makes it a lot easier to get the latest add-ons from the repositories when they are released and have them in a single location.

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The other loader is 1.31 Loader Loading files with the loader application is a pretty simple task, download and unpack loader, open loader, select boot or main button on loader depending on which file your loading,download the latest main or boot file for your model located in the nfusion download section and unpack it.

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