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This name is usually one of the system-defined class names, such as Net or Display, which are listed in .For more information, see System-Supplied Device Setup Classes.Generally, Windows does not differentiate among these signature values.One of them must be specified, but it does not matter which one.System-supplied INF files never have Catalog File= entries because the operating system validates the signature for such an INF against all system-supplied for validating device installations, driver installations, or both on those platforms for which a decorated entry is not specified.Any cross-platform device driver INF file that has Catalog File= and Catalog File.= entries must supply a unique IHV/OEM-determined name for each such file.For more information about how to create GUIDs, see Using GUIDs in Drivers. Note This entry is required for device drivers that are installed through the Pn P manager.Provider=%% token that is expanded later in the INF file's Strings section.

Driver Ver=]This entry specifies version information for drivers that are installed by this INF file.

Catalog files are not listed in the Source Disks Files section or Copy Files directive of the INF.

Windows assumes that the catalog file is in the same location as the INF file.

Starting with Windows 2000, this entry is required.

For information about how to specify this entry, see INF Driver Ver Directive.

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