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So how on earth did a pretty, intelligent Home Counties schoolgirl, who grew up with the world at her feet and could quite possibly have turned her hand to whatever she wanted, end up in the clutches of 88-year-old Hugh Hefner?

Until she was 18, Emily insists she was flat-chested and sporty, with train-track braces clamped to her teeth.

Her entrance into the world of modelling came at the age of 19 when a friend who was training to be a make-up artist asked if she could ‘borrow’ Emily to be made up and photographed for her end-of-course portfolio.

Above, on a music video shoot Emily felt ‘ecstatic’ about the results, and at first dreamed of making it as a fashion model.

Childhood innocence: Emily Shaw enjoyed an idyllic upbringing.

And her parents’ reaction when she told them what she was doing? I’m sure my dad would have preferred it if I was a doctor or a lawyer, but he understands that I want to use this as a platform for other things.

The goal is to clarify the connection between hydrodynamics, geologic processes, and the resulting changes in habitat and population dynamics of shallow water coral reef ecosystems. D., 2017, Land-use change and managed aquifer recharge effects on the hydrogeochemistry of two contrasting atoll island aquifers, Roi-Namur Island, Republic of the Marshall Islands: Applied Geochemistry, v.

The current study sites include the Hawaiian, Mariana, Virgin, and American Samoan Islands, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

She describes feeling ‘liberated’ and ‘empowered’ by the images — just the kind of words we’ve heard so often before from women who’ve chosen to make money by stripping naked for the delectation of lascivious men.‘It is something I have thought about,’ she says. Women are always going to be objectified and I’d rather it was me doing tasteful shots like these than some of the horrific stuff you see on the internet.

On the ‘Playmate data sheet’ which accompanies her ten-page shoot, she states that her philosophy is: ‘Never worry about what others think.

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