What can i do about an intimidating neighbor

For harassment to be committed, there must be a 'course of conduct' (i.e. The behaviour does not necessarily have to be violent in nature, but would need to have caused some alarm or distress and be oppressive.

The further apart the incidents are, the less likely that an offence of harassment has occurred.

Ask yourself when someone says something unkind, “Is it true? I suspect you were hurt, understandably so, by his emotional outburst toward you more than by the actual words.

He was angry and acting like a schoolboy because you had crossed him.

Ask God for courage to act properly and for right understanding to guide you.

I am deeply hurt by these words and am foreseeing him doing grave harm to me and my mother.

I wish to know how I can get divine help to fight this Prashanth, There are a number of issues here. If so, let there be a record of the incident as a deterent to his doing it again.

gives me confidence while enabling me to be my true self.

You've changed my life, making me a happier person, because now I have the tools to sift through the BS, taking only the best, without losing myself, but finding more of myself.

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This man is trying to intimidate you and I pray you do not succumb but at the same time, do use common sense. If in the future you must interact, do so in the company of friends and neighbors while maintaining your calm by asking God to surround you with His protective light.

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