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Although the word "whale" is often used in English versions of the Jonah story, the Hebrew text actually uses the phrase dag gadol, which means "giant fish".In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the species of the fish that swallowed Jonah was the subject of speculation for naturalists, who interpreted the story as an account of a historical incident.

Additionally, according to the toxicology report, the music manager had traces of cocaine metabolite in his urine, but tested negative for alcohol.

Many took to social media to react to react to the music exec's death including Tidal Vice President of Culture & Content Tony Gervino. Jordan Feldstein was fiercely protective of his artists and their art and always delivered good or bad news personally. RIP.'Variety executive editor Shirley Halperin wrote: 'Sad news this morning...

Thoughts go out to @maroon5 and the CAM family.'Besides his two actor siblings and parents, Feldstein was survived by his two children.

More details are surfacing about Jordan Feldstein's untimely death.

As we reported in December 2017, Jonah Hill's older brother passed away after he called 911 for shortness of breath.

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Some modern scholars of folklore have noted similarities between Jonah and other legendary figures, such as Gilgamesh and the Greek hero Jason.

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  1. In the early days, the first Synthesis in TA occurred when the Goulding School, and also Cathexis schools, used regression therapy techniques to plumb deeper levels of the Child experientially, but then returning to Adult consciousness to make objective science of the original theory the method uncovered, with new insights, diagrams, and lists that were true to Berne’s Occam’s Razor standard.