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And I auditioned, and…well, you never can tell, but I thought it went all right.But I didn’t go, like, “I got it,” because there were other people there for the part. I had not read the books, no, and I wasn’t familiar with them, though I did read four or five of them, just to kind of get a sense of…well, just to make sure there weren’t any surprises.The most recent dating rumor that circled Skarsgard ended up being completely false.After some cute pics of Skarsgard and his The East co-star Ellen Page hit the internet, everyone assumed that Skarsgard and Page were a couple.But I got a call about two hours later…which is relatively quickly…saying that I’d gotten the part. BE: Well, given the character’s name, it’s obvious that you’d be interested in that role, but were there any other roles that you could envision yourself playing when you read the script? That, like, Sam Merlotte’s not a transvestite or something.

His longest relationship, post-fame, anyway, was with Kate Bosworth, whom he co-starred with in the 2009 drama Straw Dogs.

So yes that means that we are getting not one but two Shawn songs this week.

First Sam's brother Tommy kills their parents, then a bunch of werewolves kill Tommy while he's posing as Sam.

Never one to give away too much, the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' singer simply took to Twitter and Instagram to unveil the title 'In My Blood' and confirm that the brand new single will be out this Thursday. Seriously, from 'Stitches' to 'Mercy', the Canadian superstar can do no wrong.

To make things even more exciting, it seems like he is dropping another new single on Friday too.

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Now Sam is without a family, unless you count Hoyt's mom, Maxine, who wants him to call her "Mama" now.

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