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America was, has been and will always be great, so if anything, we need to make America respectful again. We need to stop breeding hate and we need to be willing to turn away notions of racism, of sexism, of misogyny, of anti-Semitism, of xenophobia, fear of anything that is not homogenous with the dominant white patriarchy that has run this country for 240 years.

Hits Major Controversy Among Disabled Community Well Tila's most recent controversy could top them all as she posted a pic of herself on Facebook, Instagram, AND Twitter on Tuesday with a caption talking about hunting down illegal immigrants!

While Tila Tequila has had a rough go of her life since she hit peak fame during the course of her show, she does not have much to show for herself since.As much as she provides an outlet to spread the racist and vitriolic message that is promoted by the Nation Policy Institute, it also makes for strange bedfellows.In an article in 2013 from Tablet Mag, they chronicle her journey from Jewish convert to her path to posing as “sexy Hitler” and openly and honestly explaining why she sympathizes with the man who proudly brought upon the deaths of over 12 million people who were deemed a problem and were not part of his perfect race. Having been a fan of Tila Tequila’s scandalous bi-sexual dating show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” I can’t quite fathom how she went from being someone who was representing the LGBT community to turning around and supporting an ideology that wants to see the end of those who brought her credibility.Tila Tequila, who became famous back when My Space was still a thing and we had a Bush in office, has upped the crazy meter on her antics to DEFCON One.Presidential Election, or you choose to ignore the growing white nationalist pride and racist rhetoric being spewed in this country, Ms.

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