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Moves Yes, guys when you take the reins in bed, and this is something that captures his attention way more than the perfect amount of sexy bedhead.

If you really want to make a lasting impression, try these creative sex moves that neither of you will forget.

See, while some hookups are all 😍😍😍, others — especially the first M. sesh with someone new — can be a bit more complicated. The Gut Check: Remember, you're literally high on hookup hormones right now. Or maybe I'm just not as into him/her as I originally thought? Sometimes, there's a hard crash after the hookup hormones wear off, and your journey out of the clouds ends with a sobering dose of all-of-the-reality-at-once.

You're fresh off that crazy-cool neurological response that was making you feel all tingly and warm.

In the #Me Too era, society is finally having frank conversations about the myths and misunderstandings women and people assigned female at birth (afab) learn about sex.

The Gut Check: TBH, does it really feel like he/she is letting you down? But before you put this on them, reflect back on yourself for a sec: What dowant out of this arrangement? Plus, now you've pushed yourself to tap into your true feelings. The Gut Check: Just take a minute here to consider your *next* hookup: How can I be better prepared? And what kind of relationship do I want before that happens?

The great thing is — despite how hard this hurricane of emotions hit you this time around — you now know what you feel comfortable doing and what you don't.

Consider this scene: Your bae-in-training stepped into the lead role at last Friday's hang, and things got 🔥🔥🔥 *fast*. But it helps to recognize the powerful forces that may be at work when you're hitting a new level of intimacy…because it can save you A LOT of heartbreak/brain space down the road. Instead of beating yourself up about your decisions, though, use this situation to recognize what WILL make you feel 100% emotionally and physically safe in the future. S., if you had unprotected sex, don't mess around — get emergency contraception ASAP and remember you weren't protected against STDs either, which is scary.)You're all like: 😞🙈👿But Why?!

Understandably, you've thought of nothing else since… It's sooooo messed up, but many girls feel like they've done something really wrong, just because they've hooked up.

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But you've got to make sure that those unsettled feels line up with *your* true beliefs…not everyone else's. You just shared something SO insanely intimate with someone, and now your head is running around in this hyper-aware state.

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