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Like the black mamba, they will flatten their necks into a narrow hood as a defensive posture.

Green mambas prey upon birds, small mammals, and lizards and lay from 5 to 17 eggs.

If you are limited to on post ops and you only wear your uniform, then this is probably the sling for you.

I have since moved to single point slings and "wolf hook" style setups. Very versatile and easy to adjust on the go for different firing positions and missions, i.e.

Two of the three green mambas have record longevities of more than 18 years in captivity.

Bought It t O replace standard issue sling for oif. Bought in 09 for an iraq deployment ..you carry a weapon 24/7 365 it's gotta be reliable and comfortable .sling does it all..quality is always the same with spec op.know what YOU'RE paying for..i wouldn't settle for any less Got this to replace my black issue sling, this one is nice and quiet, and took less than a minute to get it all situated how I want my rifle to hang. I'll PROBABLY never need to muzzle stamp anyone but I'm glad the stretchyness is there if I ever want to. I only wanted this sling on my new m4 I bought an earlier version of this sling when I was deployed to Iraq with the ARMY from 2003-2004 I had it on my M-16 it is durable and make it easy to quickly transition from your rifle to your pistol without getting snagged on your gear.

Comments: This would be a great jig, IF the head had more than one coat of paint so it didn't chip so easily (see Michael's review.

Mine also didn't last more than a few casts), IF the weedguard was more sturdy so it didn't hang on every small branch, IF the skirt would plume more, IF the head wasn't turned up so much so it collects whatever it bangs into.

It becomes too cumbersome and snag prone in armor, gun turret, or with any extra gear outside your standard uniform.Liked the thicker shoulder strap on the new Mambas making it more comfortable.Recommend the sling to everyone that asks about it.In order to function, however, the mouse obviously needs to stay in a constant field of wireless power. Only sold in combination with the Mamba Hyperflux, the Firefly Hyperflux is required to use the mouse.The lack of pad options is perhaps why Razer made it dual-sided, unlike the standard Firefly.

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The streamlined head of the Damiki Mamba Jig was designed for finessing through heavy wood or rock cover.

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